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Film Of The Month: Zero Dark Thirty ★★★★★

In the midst of the Oscar madness, the film and month of the week honours go this week to the most controversial among this year’s crop of nominees, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. Kathryn Bigelow has scooped five nominations for the Academy awards and another five for the Robers with this dense and gripping account of a passage of recent story that’s still on everybody’s mind, the search and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Bigelow’s follows-up her Oscar winner ‘The Hurt Locker’ with what could easily be regarded as its twin companion. It maintains the same directorial style, unadorned but slick cinematography and a focus on the storytelling thanks to a brilliant screenplay written by her regular collaborator Mark Boal. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ inherits all the merits of its predecessor and takes them to new highs, adding a far more rapid pace; thorough research and the bonus interest of delving into those still little known era defining events. Read the rest of this entry »


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