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Best of 2009: Honorary Mentions-Top Of The Blogs

21-THE FIERY FURNACES-I’m Going Away (Thrill Jockey)

And we put an end to our extended honorary mentions section through a double-length post dedicated to new talent, scouted and nurtured through the music blogs. Among a new generation of bands whose aim should be shaking the boredom off the current panorama, we’ve highlighted 21 examples; from the more or less established (Thermals; Future Of The Left; Taken By Trees; Wild Beasts) to the brand new (Tune-Yards; Sandwitches; Memory Tapes; The Antlers); those prolific ones (Kurt Vile; Ganglians) and those who rationed their output via EP/Mini album formats (Delorean; Lemonade), whose common efforts are helping to shape the new independence. Surprisingly out of place we find the songwriter of “Umbrella”, an artist of indisputable R&B orientation who has also become the subject of growing cult through the blogosphere. Read the rest of this entry »

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