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#Bestof2016 Top 100 Tracks (25-1)

Our review of 2016’s finest songs has reached its final part, and with it our favourite songs of the year. Amongst them, alternative folkies; electronica producers sampling Brazilian classics; hip-hop discoveries; veteran rockers; comebacks and departures; swan songs and debuts; conceptual songs about sex and death; life and hopelessness.

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#Bestof 2016 Top 100 Tracks (50-26)

The third block of our best tracks of the year begins with New York artist of Hispanic descent Xenia Rubinos. She puts together a colourful melting pot of Latin and rock influences in ‘Mexican Chief,’ a powerful defence of the role racial diversity plays in American society.

Also in this block we’ll find Mods; Tropical Lo-Fi; the new project by Belfast’s most popular DJ and soundtrack composer; a solo musician out of the Woods; R&B divas; melodic hardcore; Compton greatest appearing as a guest in two of the tracks; Canadian electronica and the return of several soul and hip-hop legends.

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#Bestof2016 Top 100 Best Tracks (75-51)

We begin the second block of our tracks of the year going all the way to the streets of Deptford in South London, with the debut track of up and coming grime artist Elf Kid, the irresistibly energetic ‘Golden Boy,’ which benefits from cleverly sampling Amerie’s Rober Award winning track ‘1 Thing.’

Also coming up debutante female rappers; garage rockers; queer R&B singers; Gotham boy-girl duos; Welsh songwriters; French psycho-popsters; the band formerly known as Viet Cong and formerly as Women; the first of two ‘Boyfriends’; Portuguese fado; Canadian twins and many more.

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#Bestof2016 Top 100 Tracks (100-76)

FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Part 2
(Def Jam)

In our best of 2016 review it is turn for the countdown of our favourite Top 100 tracks, beginning as it is tradition with the symbolic position 101, usually reserved for the guilty pleasure of the year which didn’t make it into the final selection. Many of the year’s most popular songs were left bubbling under, and therefore were considered for this slot. Among them, Drake’s ubiquitous ‘One Dance’; Rihanna’s ‘Work’; the hook-filled Latin electropop of Bomba Estereo’s ‘Soy Yo’ or Sia’s dancehall infused -courtesy of Sean Paul- ‘Cheap Thrills.’

We decided, however, to park all frivolity aside and give the slot to the track that better conveyed the thoughts of every decent human being in the planet after the latest US election. YG joined forces with G-Eazy and Macklemore in a powerful statement giving the two fingers to the new American president and his ultraconservative tactics of bigotry, xenophobia and racial hatred, ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump).’ The rapper from Compton followed this track with a whole US tour named after it.

As it is also habitual, we split our Top 100 best tracks of the year in four blocks, the first of which features a sonic tribute to Prince by a current TV star; robots producing an R&B singer; British grime; Asian pop idols; US Hardcore; Tuareg rockers; the respective returns of Acid House and Brazilian samba legends; New-York hipsters; nu-soul crooners; Two different British takes on krautrock; two Russian female electronica artists -one local and one expat-;a Romani brass band joining forces with a Colombian combo; a false reverend; a ex-Disney club poppet and a experimental composer based in LA. Eclectic, us?

Altogether, they form a richly diverse sonic mosaic proving that there’s plenty of life beyond the reductive formulas of the Top 40.

And our Top 100 tracks of 2016 are: Read the rest of this entry »