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189-SILVER JEWS-Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed

(Live video)

Although it was co-founded by Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich of Pavement; with the passing years Silver Jews established itself as the project through which David Berman, with intermittent help from friends in other bands, developed his notable ability as a singer-songwriter, elevating him to the first division of alternative north American writers next to Will Oldham, Bill Callahan and other heavyweights. “Pony” was a stand out from his fifth work “Tanglewood Numbers”.

Listen to the studio version here.

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BABY DEE-The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities

Everything was quiet in Americana’s landscape. The world of the singer-songwriters didn’t offer many shocks either. Luckily the recent invasion of mediocre ones, aiming at the middle-aged market seems to have diminished. The majority of the ones we highlight are well established figures; next to a couple of recent arrivals equally interesting.

Todo tranquilo en la campiña Americana y el mundo de los cantautores tampoco dio grandes sobresaltos; afortunadamente la reciente invasión de ejemplos mediocres con un ojo en el mercado de la mediana edad parece haber menguado. La mayor parte de los que destacamos son genios y figuras bien reconocidas, con un par de recién llegados más que interesantes. Read the rest of this entry »

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