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Rober Winners At Obama’s Inauguration

ARETHA FRANKLYN-My Country Tis Of Thee

Although the political attitude of many of the Rober Academy members’ ranks from mild apathy to full cynicism, we cannot help but sharing the joy and illusion of the USA while celebrating the most important historical moment the nation has lived for a few generations: The arrival of America’s first black president and his symbolic values of equality, freedom and hope for all; much needed in this troubled time.

To wish him all the best on his role as what it used to be called “the leader of the free world” pop stars of all backgrounds were playing in multiple shows and parties across Washington and the rest of the States yesterday. From the Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklyn, who sang the patriotic anthem “My Country Tis Of Thee” at the Inauguration to Arcade Fire. Everyone who’s anyone in the pop world, except maybe for, errm, Daddy Yankee…were somehow involved on the celebration. Here’s a few of the most notorious moments Read the rest of this entry »

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