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ATP Pavement: Picture Gallery

pavement jj
PAVEMENT (Courtesy of The Junes)

Pavement Stephen Malkmus (32)

Surfer Blood (33)

Omar Souleyman (28)

Mark Eitzel (24)

Faust (20)

Fiery Furnaces  (22)

ATLAS SOUND (Courtesy of The Junes)

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ATP Pavement: Picture Gallery II

BORIS (Courtesy of The Junes)

The Fall (38)

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ATP Pavement: Video Highlights

With more than a week delayed, we begin our look at Pavement’s ATP Festival. The reunited legends curated a bill full with bands who have been a major influence in their sound (The Fall; Faust; The Clean and cult or dark punk bands such as The Raincoats, Mission Of Burma and The Authorities; etc.) plus those notoriously influenced by Pavement’s legacy (Broken Social Scene; Quasi; The Fiery Furnaces; etc.). To begin our review we have compiled the best videos of participating artists’ sets that can be found online.

Later on the week we’ll publish our picture galleries and commentaries. Enjoy more video highlights after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Week That Was (04-03-2010): Gonjasufi; Gorillaz; Morning Benders; The Drums; Pavement; Foals…

In what’s been another bumper week for quality new albums, nearly 10 high profile releases, all hitting the shops next Mondays, were previewed online. Beginning by Gonjasufi, the yoga teacher, Flying Lotus collaborator and spiritual electronica purveyor that with ‘A Sufi & A Killer’ has got one of the most exciting albums of the year on his hands. It can still be heard in full at Clash magazine’s website.

MySpace is offering a few notable previews. Namely, Broken Bells’ debut album, the project formed by The Shins’ frontman James Mercer and Danger Mouse, already shaking alternative circles; Art-rockers Liars’ comeback with ‘Sisterworld’, hailed as a return to the peaks of ‘Drum’s Not Dead’ and energetic hardcore rockers Titus Andronicus with their second work ‘The Monitor’.

Damon Albarn’s and co animated popstars Gorillaz are back with a third offering, that on first impression sounds like the band’s most accomplished effort to date. A constellation of veteran stars –Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg, Mos Deff, Bobby Womack; Gruff Rhys; De La Soul, detc- collaborates. British newspaper The Guardian still has the premiere and the band is currently invading all audiovisual channels with all sorts of initiatives to support the launch.

Spinner’s listening post was humming and offering a bunch of interesting new albums including the latest from The Ruby Sun’ ‘Fight Softly’; The Besnard Lakes’ ‘Are The Roaring Road’ and Frightened Rabbitt’s ‘ The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’

Last, but not least, San Francisco indie pop craftsmen The Morning Benders have put together what is likely becoming their breakthrough record, ‘Big Echo’. Happy listening!

Not a week with big headlines to remember. We worried about the news of Guru’s being in a coma after a heart attack; luckily news of his evolution were positive and the rapper is allegedly recovering. Other than that, the first gig of Pavement’s long awaited reunion flooded the internet from Auckland. Videos of some of the concert highlights can be watched here.

Apart from the ones that already went to the top of our loops, among the tracks that have caught our attention this week we find most promising new band Rober nominees The Drums, following up their surftastic debut EP with a slice fine indie pop called ‘Just Friends’.

Devo announced their return to the studio after two decades and offered their rather good ‘Fresh’ while launching a curious colour study research through their website. On the other side of the coin, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim gave us a new taste of their Imelda Marcos inspired project. ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ counts with Cyndi Lauper and Tori Amos as lead vocalists and it builds on the impression that the project is shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest disappointments.

Three returning bands were offering free goodies to their fans. British angular rockers Foals’ first taster from their second album ‘Spanish Sahara’ was unveiled this week. The Mount Kimbie remix of the track was given away in exchange for your email. Courtney Love did the same with ‘Skinny Little Bitch’. The first single of Hole’s controversial reunion comes years after Love’s career sank and looks a bit as a desperate attempt to rescue her career. Love’s former boyfriend and nineties alt-rock titan Billy Corgan, carried on his plan to slowly giving away his double new album –rumours of a ‘Mellon Collie’ soundalike abounds- free through the Smashing Pumpkins website. The first bits don’t look too promising either.

Elsewhere The Fader offered as usual a free download of their monthly podcast, including excellent stuff by new female rap sensation Nicky Minaj; Midlake; etc. and influential blog Gorilla Vs Bear offered a link to the new Rangers mixtape.

Many new and interesting videos also grazed the internet during the last seven days. Domino’s latest discovery Villagers; ‘Freak’, Estelle’s follow-up to ‘American Boy’; Crookers italo-bonkers ‘Festa Festa’ from the DJ duo’s imminent debut album ‘Tons Of Friend’

South-African trailer trash satire rappers are poised to be the next big novelty thing thanks to songs like the rather funny ‘Enter The Ninja’. And last, with certain delayed compared to the date their singles leaked, both Goldfrapp and Gorillaz have finally delivered their new videos. Goldfrapp’s ‘Rocket’ is an homage to the eighties sounds and clips that have inspired their fifth album. Meanwhile the biggest cartoon rock star ever have hired action star Bruce Willis to appear in their new promo ‘Stylo‘.

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The Pixies Confirmed for Primavera Sound

Few days after confirming Pavement‘s long awaited reunion tour as the first artist on its bill, the organization of Primavera Sound has scored another huge goal with by announcing that Pixies will also be headliners, bringing to the popular Spanish city their acclaimed “Doolittle” tour, in which the band celebrates the 20th anniversary of the classic album by performing it in full with some B-sides added to the set.

These two reunited alternative music icons are currently two of the biggest live attractions; their mere presence is enough to establish the festival once again as one of the most interesting events in the world during 2010. Both bands are the subject of news in many fronts, as around their respective tours many other projects revolve… Read the rest of this entry »

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The XXVII Rober Awards Poll is Open: VOTE NOW!!!

spanish-flag.jpgLa Academia Rober de las Artes y las Ciencias del Entretenimiento te invita a participar en la edición XXVII de los Premios Rober. Tras el salto encontrarás la encuesta musical con todas sus categorias. Si necesitas mas información audiovisual sobre alguno de los nominados, cada categoria contiene un enlace donde se facilita. La encuesta se cerrará el 10 de Febrero. Si, tu tambien puedes!!

Para ayudarte a reflexionar, eschucha la selección musical de los Rober Awards 2008 en hype machine.

Gracias por tu participación.

small-uk-flag.jpgThe Rober Academy of Entertainment Arts & Sciences proudly invites you to help us choose the XXVII Rober Awards. Please find our complete music poll after the jump. Should you need any further audiovisual information about any of the nominees, there is a link providing it for each category. Polls will close on February the 10 th. Have your say about the best music of 2008. Yes, You Can too!!

To help your choices, you can listen to the 2008 Rober Awards playlist in hype machine.

Thanks for your votes.

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