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3-RAEKWON-Only Built For Cuban Lynx Part II

14 years after his classic first solo album, Raekwon released the long-awaited second part. Four years in the making; a multitude of producers –from Busta Rhymes to Dr. Dre; J. Dilla to RZA-; as many internal frictions and delays; nearly the whole Wu-Tang Clan and many other stars throwing their verses in; all of it shaping another epic album that survived any comparisons with the original, sharing most of its trademark elements –from kung fu excepts to crime-related subject. It also managed to inject a shot of much needed energy in today hip-hop’s veins, revitalizing the way of the Clan in the process. Saluted as the best solo effort from a Wu member since Ghostface Killah’s “Supreme Clientele”, Raekwon showed once again the reason why he’s called “The Chef”.

Released by ICEAL. Listen to some tracks at MySpace.

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