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Beach House Thank Their Lucky Stars

beach house

Just when the critics were panning their recent work ‘Depression Cherry’ as the sound of a tired band, Beach House shuts everybody down with their magnificent surprise new album ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’, a far superior collection earning unanimous acclaim for the Baltimore trio once again. One of its standout tracks, ‘One Thing’, makes it to the top of the loop this week.

Highest new entry is the title track from Joanna Newsom‘s new masterpiece ‘Divers’, already a clear contender for album of the year. Next to her, the latest songs by Grimes ; Jesu & Sun Kil Moon; Blood Orange; Kendrick Lamar ; Princess Century: Hazte Lapón; Martin Courtney; El Vy; Seinabo Sey; Greys; Alessia Cara and the colaboration between supergroup Soldiers Of Fortune and Pavement’s legend Stephen Malkmus.

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