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Noah Baumbach, The New King of Comedy.

Greta Gerwig

After reaching that career peak that was ´Frances Ha´, New York auteur Noah Baumbach seems to have rediscovered his funny bones, following up his acclaimed picture with a double dose of comedy in which many want to see the beginning of a second and more accomplished professional phase, leaving behind his sometimes uneven dramas.

The first on arriving was ´While We’re Young´, a hilarious look at the lives of ageing hipsters after having been replaced by a new generation. Baumbach´s reflects about the social, familiar and professional roles society forces upon us in different periods of our life through the story of a documentary filmmaker who hit gold with his debut, but got stagnated at making a second one resorting to teaching as a way to make a living; Insecurity and apathy gaining ground on his and engaged in a loving but childless marriage, which somehow put some distance in their relationship with close friends, all of them having their first or second kids. Read the rest of this entry »

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2008 Film Review: 10 Disappointments

QUANTUM OF SOLACE-Bond didn’t live up to its expectations.
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