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Retro-Loop: Journey Of Dreams


We begin another edition of our retro-loop, the section we dedicate to our favourite not new music, led by Morphine. One of our favorite bands from the 90s, their career came to a tragic end with the dead of their frontman Mark Sandman. Their story is the subject of a new documentary called “Morphine: Journey Of Dreams”.

Our brand new retro loop also features songs from classic albums celebrating their respective birthdays by Cocteau Twins; Garbage; The Velvet Underground; etc. Highlights from notable reissues and anthologies by, among others, Swans; Neko Case; Harmonia; Beat Happening; Sonic Youth; Van Morrison; Los Planetas; Mogwai; Earth, Wind & Fire & Lush, whose reunion is likely to be one of next year’s festival circuit sensations; plus recent discoveries from the likes of Joanna Billing; Visitors; Patrick Cowley; Clarence G or The Feelies.

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