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10-JJ-jj Nº 2

The romance between Scandinavian musicians and the Balearic revival kept on giving excellent fruits. Swedish duo Jj’s refreshing debut added up to The Tough Alliance, Studio or Air France’s findings. Since Pitchfork’s best new music section mentioned “Ecstasy”, the duo’s “appropriation” of Lil Wayne’s megahit “Lollipop” in hedonistic, chill-out key, interest for jj has not stopped growing. “Jj Nº 2” -jj Nº 1 was the first single “My Life,My swag”- with its summer breezy, travelling atmosphere –From Africa To Malaga- became a minor cult among searchers of pop pearls.

Released on Sincerely Yours. Available to listen on Spotify.

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