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The Noughties: Honorary Mentions-Influential Artists

10-OKKERVIL RIVER-Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe

We tried to make our list as comprehensive as possible, but 150 albums and 200 tracks are not enough to fit all the good music of ten years and we were forced to make some painful discards. Some of them (Japanese experimental punks Boredoms; minimal house and dubstep pioneer Shackleton; sublime ambient project Gas or dronemeisters Sunn o))), due to the experimental nature of their music making it difficult to conform to the rules of ordinary formats; some others having made the difficult transition from indie darlings to major label stars with dignity and aplomb (..And You Would Know Us By The Trail Of Death; Death Cab For Cutie; Modest Mouse), failed to export their achievements across the pond. Groundbreaking songwriters such as Okkervil River’s Will Sheff or Phil Elverum, the brain behind The Microphones and Mount Eeerie, missed their place too; so did Girl Talk’s illegal sound collages. Here are the 10 most influential artists who -sadly- didn’t make it: Read the rest of this entry »