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The Loop Learns How To Dress Well

Ethereal R&B purveyor How To Dress Well has amply confirmed the promise showed in his debut album with follow-up ‘Total Loss’, another fine collection of falsetto vocals and phantasmagorical tunes. “& It Was You” is one of the singer’s most upbeat moments and reaches peak position on this edition.

The collaboration between A.C. Newman & Neko Case is the week’s highest entry and top free download. Andy Stott; Dirty Projectors; Yo La Tengo and Beck’s covering Caetano Veloso as part of ’s the forthcoming tribute album to the Tropicalia’s master are also new.

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#12-HOW TO DRESS WELL-Love Remains (Lefse)

In 2010, R&B has begun to change from being a mere substitute for the most commercial pop music to become a source of inspiration among avant-pop musicians. Autre Ne Veut were heavily influenced by the much maligned genre, doing their own drunk-like take of it and Brooklyn artist Tom Krell has dug deep into the beats and hooks of the style during the 80’s as How To Dress Well. ‘Love Remains’ is chillwave genetically modified with R&B. Falsetto voices that recall singers like Al B. Sure or even tributes to bands like Ready For The World –one of his songs its named after them – and blissfully ethereal landscapes evoking the best shoegaze.


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#12-HOW TO DRESS WELL-You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Going (Lefse)

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