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#41-GOLD PANDA-Lucky Shiner (Notown)

One of the few truly challenging acts among the flawed batch chosen by the BBC for its influential Sound Of 2010; this guy from Essex, fascinated by Oriental culture, has crafted one of the most pleasant bedroom electronica works of recent times. In a moment were competence was at a remarkably high level, his emotion-inducing loops and dreamy landscapes were certain to seduced anyone with an interest in the genre and helped carving a niche for Gold Panda among its renovators.


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#123-GOLD PANDA-You (Notown)

Gold panda – you from quatuorlindsay on Vimeo.

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Listening Posts: Autumn Preview

September has arrived shaking off the cobwebs of popular music after the quieter summer period. It promises to be as loaded of new and interesting releases as usual. The normal listening post destinations are this week fuming with preview streamings of some of the highest profile albums of the new season. This is our recap of the most interesting ones. Most of them are up for a limited time only, so if you got some time to spare just go, listen and enjoy.

Among all of them, is MySpace the site that has our most awaited record on offer: ‘Grinderman 2’, the second instalment of the Nick Cave & Bad Seeds spin-off project, in which the veteran musicians go and swim in drone, prog and psychedelic waters shaping up another excellent opus. MySpace this week also boasts streams of the new albums by Weezer, named after the character from the ‘Lost’ series ‘Hurley’ and a self-titled effort by Interpol.

However there are currently many other choices… Read the rest of this entry »

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