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2011 Film Review: 10 Surprises

2011 wasn’t short of surprises; some of them small, yet hinting at better or bigger things to come. Around the world, Athina Rachel Sangari’s Attenberg’ ‘raised our hopes for of a new wave of Greek Cinema currently on its way, proving that last year acclaimed ‘Dogtooth’ was more than a one-off; Latin America gave many signs of good health (Las Acacias; Post Mortem..) and in the States notable commercial alternatives to the typical multiplex fodder included such accomplished works as Benoit Miller baseball drama ‘Moneyball’ ; JJ Abrahams recreating the spirit of teen 80’s movies in ‘Super 8’ or, on a larger scale, the rush to complete the films introducing all of Marvel’s comic Universe characters with a view to the huge all-star superhero blockbuster ‘The Avengers’ arriving this year.

But those ones counted as minor cases compared to our top 10 surprises Read the rest of this entry »

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