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178-CALEXICO-The Ballad Of Cable Hogue

The tandem comprised by Convertino & Burns carried on exploring the sounds of the Texan-Mexican border, remaining more often in the Latin side. This tribute to the famous Sam Peckinpah western became Calexico’s most recognized song. Helped on vocals by Marianne Dissard, the duet recalled the classic moments by Lee Hazlewood and his female protégées.

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BABY DEE-The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities

Everything was quiet in Americana’s landscape. The world of the singer-songwriters didn’t offer many shocks either. Luckily the recent invasion of mediocre ones, aiming at the middle-aged market seems to have diminished. The majority of the ones we highlight are well established figures; next to a couple of recent arrivals equally interesting.

Todo tranquilo en la campiña Americana y el mundo de los cantautores tampoco dio grandes sobresaltos; afortunadamente la reciente invasión de ejemplos mediocres con un ojo en el mercado de la mediana edad parece haber menguado. La mayor parte de los que destacamos son genios y figuras bien reconocidas, con un par de recién llegados más que interesantes. Read the rest of this entry »

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