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Heart Of A Dog: Laurie Anderson meditation on loss

Heart of a dog

One of the highlights of last years LFF, where she came for one of the LFF Connects events for a conversation with Brian Eno about the links between film with performance arts and music; Laurie Anderson’s first feature film since 1986 the concert tour documentary ‘Home Of The Brave’ is a meditative essay on loss centered on her late rat terrier, Lolabelle. From the opening credits, the animation of a dream in which the artist gives birth and declares eternal love to her dog depicts the strong bond formed between owner and pet, almost as a replacement for parental affection. Anderson’s inquisitive mind was keen to understand the possibilities of the canine sensory world and her explorations shape an uplifting, full of humour tribute to her pooch that has continued with a series of concerts for a dog only audience. Among the memories of their time together, when Lolabelle went blind she was trained to play piano and perform at charity concerts for animal rights associations; recorded a Christmas song and even opened a Facebook account. Read the rest of this entry »

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LAMBCHOP-Slipped Dissolved And Loosed

“Their best record for a decade” (sometimes stretched up to two) was one of the most repeated mottos by musical reviewers this year, showing the huge number of veteran glories, mostly from the nineties and the eighties, that polished their decaying careers once again, pushed in many cases by the live circuit’s good health and growing demand for established names. None of the following Academy’s heroes from the past gave their best shot in 2008, but at least they generated welcome signs of creative recovery.

“Su mejor disco en una década” (a veces se estiraba hasta dos) se ha convertido en una de las cantinelas más repetidas durante el año por la crítica musical para constatar la cantidad de veteranas glorias, mayormente de los noventa y ochenta, que volvían a dar lustre a sus decaídas carreras, motivados en muchos casos por el empuje que la buena salud de los circuitos del directo y su creciente demanda de músicos consagrados proporcionaba. Ninguno de los siguientes héroes del pasado de la Academia nos obsequió con su mejor esfuerzo, pero todos ofrecían señales inequívocas de recuperación creativa. Read the rest of this entry »

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