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The Noughties: Honorary Mentions-British Pop

The UK pop began this decade in good shape, but soon after the big stars from 90’s Britpop split up or gave bad ageing signs, the British industry found itself in need to replace them. The influence of Radiohead as the most prestigious band in the planet ended up with a sanitized version –Coldplay- as the best selling Brit artist; their success spawned even safer followers (Keane, Snow Patrol, etc.,) of very reduced musical interest. A new generation of bands (Franz Ferdinand, Mäximo Park, Bloc Party, etc), under the post-punk influence, described as the so-called angular sound, looked initially capable of carrying the torch, but after promising debuts they failed to keep up the pace. In the second half of the decade London had lost a big part of its edge to Brooklyn, Montreal and Scandinavia, which became the new hotspots for the most advanced music. Ten notable examples of the best UK offerings were: Read the rest of this entry »

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