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#LFF2019 Mixtape: Films For Music Lovers

One more year, the London Film Festival is almost here bringing, from October the 2nd to the 13th, an impressive and massive selection of the best films from all over the world. As we did in past editions, we are focusing on those films that would be of particular interest for music lovers. This year we are spoilt for choice, from punk movements to gospel treasures; documentaries about rock stars; jazz icons; African legends; pop stars acting debuts; musical; global folklore; extraordinary soundtracks; music technical crafts…

We have also created a Spotify playlist, The London Film Festival 2019 Mixtape, not to be confused with the experimental strand of the festival’s session of the same name, in which the audience will be presented with a series of carefully selected, groundbreaking works, without knowing which ones in advance. Our mixtape contains tracks which either are part of the films mentioned or relevant to their contents, depending on their availability of the popular platform. On this edition we have only one miss still not ready for streaming: Nicolas Jaar’s fantastic soundtrack for the latest Pablo Larraín’s opus ‘Ema,’ with its unique mix of reggaeton and electronica that’s an integral part of the film’s atmosphere.

Enjoy the listen (and hopefully the viewing too!) Read the rest of this entry »

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2009 MUSIC A-Z: B for Belle & Sebastian vs. Beirut

BEIRUT-La Llorona

It looks like the B of 2009 is going to be quite disputed, with two of our favourite chamber pop bands returning. The first of them, Beirut, is meant to release a new album in the autumn, but before that there’s a new record compiling two EPs that showcase Zach Condon’s two different musical directions: His usual, gypsy-flavoured, itinerant orchestra has carried on travelling the world, moving from turn of the century Paris to the Latin American latitudes of Oaxaca, Mexico in “March Of The Zapotec”; back to back with a return to the laptop electronica of his origins, under the moniker of Realpeople, in “Holland EP” .

The second, Glasgow Finest, Belle & Sebastian, will be following the steps of many of their heroes from the sixties and fulfilling another of their pop dreams with the release of their first musical movie, for which they have been auditioning in search of two new female vocalists. “God Help The Girl’s” soundtrack, scheduled to see the light by the end of the year, will include brand new versions of popular classics next to a whole lot of new tracks and could become one of the year’s most pleasant highlights.

Other noteworthy contenders for the B: Read the rest of this entry »

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