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#44-AVI BUFFALO-Avi Buffalo (Sub Pop)

Since we heard the first notes of their single ‘What’s in it for’ we were converted. Sub Pop signed them shortly afterwards and what follows was one of the most notable debuts of the year. Avi Zahner-Isenberg and his mates, fresh from leaving their school days in California, have developed an unexpectedly mature taste for psychedelia and Americana, resulting in an album that has showered Avi Buffalo with comparisons to the likes of Wilco or Band Of Horses, but also conveys a strong feeling of naive teenage charm.


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#2-AVI BUFFALO-What’s In It For? (Sub Pop)

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The Week That Was(24-04-2010): New Records Streaming Bonanza

This has been another bumper week for new albums. Many of the season’s most anticipated records finally hit the web and could be streamed. The highlight among them was THE NATIONAL’s fifth work ‘High Violet’, already a candidate for record of the year. It offers one of the most impressive collection of songs we have heard in a while. Hopes are sky-high for The National to break once and for all into the mainstream, following the steps of Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, etc. in consolidating as not only one of today’s best bands, but also one of the most popular.

Another vocalist blessed with a distinctive baritone voice, JOHN GRANT, has been on hiatus for years since his former band The Czars split up. The artist has created another work of intense and sad beauty, infused in 70’s vibes, maybe borrowed from fellow label and tour mates Midlake, who convinced the singer to get back to the studio and record the songs that now form ‘Queen Of Denmark’.

NPR kept on being the best destination for pre-release albums. This week they unveiled the new BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE album. The Canadian alt-rock collective have left on hold their multiple solo projects to finish their third offering ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’. Also on NPR, Mark E. Smith’s new opus with his band THE FALL, called ‘Your Future Our Clutter’.

In British Shores, STEVE MASON, formerly the leader of the deceased Scottish band Beta Band has also readied his solo debut, ‘Boys Outside’, in which he updates his songwriting by courting with today’s trends, without losing his melancholic vocal touch.

Back in the States, wunderkind Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg debuts with his band, AVI BUFFALO, eponymous record, halfway between the classy alt-americana of Wilco or Band of Horses and the lush psychedelia of Flaming Lips, but with a fresher and simpler approach. The sub-pop signees have made a record that’s definitely worth checking.

Avi Buffalo – Avi Buffalo by subpop

And comeback of the week goes to Courtney Love, who helped by Billy Corgan and Linda Perry has managed to rescue her old band HOLE and releases a new record titled ‘Nobody’s Daugher’. Whether she is or not still relevant in these times remains to be seen.

On a lighter and more summery note, uber trendy Basques DELOREAN release their first international album ‘Subiza’ through the True Panther label -home of Girls & Harlem among many others-, full of shimmery, balearic dream-pop (the album can be listened on Spotify).

And last, but not least, another highly rated American band, THE HOLD STEADY, is back! Acclaimed for the bravery of bringing traditional ,earnest Springteen-like rock and roll back into trend, ‘Heaven Is Whenever’ offers few changes and is another compact work that will please all their fans.

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In The Loop: Avi Buffalo is our first Number One


New sections keep on coming. Now introducing a brand new weekly Top 25 packed our favorite new tracks; all compiled separating the wheat from the chaff in the current music crop offered non-stop by the blogosphere.

In our pilot edition we’ve looked back in order to gather all those tracks most at risk to be forgotten due their release in between years. Most promising new artist nominee Avi Buffalo reaches top position, followed by Neon Indian and Yeasayer. Elsewhere, we find long awaited returns by Sade; Vampire Weekend; Dominique A and Massive Attack; interesting discoveries courtesy of Rita Indiana y Los Misterios; Surfer Blood; Rainbow Bridge and a hidden treasure from the vaults of Elliot Smith.

Watch the loop here.

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