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#BestOf 2013 – Top 100 Songs (25-1)


Kickstarting the last batch of 2013’s finest tracks with hip-hop superstar Drake showing its mellower R&B side; in this final quarter we’ll also find gender confusion; surprising collaborations; an unreleased track and the greatest motherf**cker that’s ever hit our charts.

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Autre Ne Veut Last Number One Of 2012

On the last edition of 2012, before we begin the end of the year’s review, alt-R&B purveyor Autre Ne Veut gets the number one position after joining Daniel Lopatin’s imprint with ‘Counting’, a taste of his anticipated second album.

Among the new entries, Big Boi, who’ll be the latest high profile album release of the year ; clear award candidates Chromatics with another track from the second volume of Italians Do It Better’s celebrated compilation ‘After Dark’ and what’s rumoured to be the farewell song by British groundbreakers Wu Lyf .

Check the latest edition after the jump. Back in the new year! Read the rest of this entry »

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#30-AUTRE NE VEUT-Autre Ne Veut (Olde English Spelling Bee)

More Cutting edge experiments from the trendiest label in the planet; Autre Ne Veut´s songs have been described as the sound of a drunken man trying to sing R&B. There´s a chillwave haze that helps placing them close to acts like How To Dress Well; but also a very lo-fi disposition, notably in the use of distortion applied to the vocal melodies reaching a confusingly engaging effect. Enigmatic in his identity, Autre Ne Veut is also surrounded by top notch collaborators such as Kingdom, who reworked the single ‘New Depth’ or in demand mix engineer Chris Coady.


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