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The Awards Season’s Race (V): Final Scores


And It’s a wrap! Matt Groening’s brilliant as always take of the Oscars ceremony’s selfie, the most tweeted in history, serves as the perfect end to this year’s truly exciting, if ultimately very predictable Awards season. 12 Years a Slave fulfilled the Toronto prophecy and grabbed the best picture trophy. Gravity swept the board on technical categories as well as getting its director honoured; American Hustle and many of the latecomers which helped injecting new life into the season just before Christmas were mostly left empty-handed. But all together account for one of the most enjoyable cinematographic crops in recent memory.

As you know by know, this year we released our inner film nerd by monitoring the race step by step and adding points for every mention, nomination and award that each of the films in contention have earned during the season. The final results (and the complete list for those who love things in detail) can be checked here.. Read the rest of this entry »


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