Wayne Coyne goes full monty “Watching The Planets”

In one of the most original video clips seen in recent times – The Flaming Lips promo for “Watching The Planets” – Wayne Coyne goes naked following some sort of orgiastic pagan ritual around his trademark space ball and a second, vagina-shaped one. A worthy visual work for one of the standout tracks of the band’s latest album “Embryonic“, in which the Lips return to their more experimental and dark psychedelic ways with notable results.

The band was touring the UK last week and hit London’s art deco haven The Troxy, offering the same show they have been mastering for years. A true psychedelic party with giant balloons, tons of confetti, furry animals, colourful visuals and a set mostly comprising earlier, pop-friendlier classics. Photos of the gig after the jump.
flaming lips 001
flaming lips 005
flaming lips 006

flaming lips 012
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