Vampire Weekend (Almost Literally) set London ULU on fire.


Vampire Weekend became last night a step closer to conquer the Rober Awards for most promising new artist, after an incendiary performance at London’s ULU. The preppie four-piece band from Manhattan, whose musical style has been described as a cross between early Talking heads and Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, were in the middle of a triumphant show, playing the closing track of their magnificent debut album “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” where a certain smell of burn, followed by a Smoke alarm abruptly stopped their performance. Promptly, the building had to be evacuated and the Fire Brigade came to check the place was safe.

After a few minutes waiting in the cold streets of London and near curfew time, the audience was allowed back and Vampire Weekend continued their infectious set, adding a cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and a new song -named “No Name”- as a compensation for the trouble.
Their live pressence is fresh and assured and the band’s sound impeccably jaunty and festive, perfectly suited to their new wave antics. They did every song on their album, according to Ezra Koenig every song they have got so far, with highlights being the popular singles “A-Punk”; Cape Cod” and “Oxford Drama”. The concert ended on a high note with the speedy piano riffs of “Walcott”.

After all the hype surrounding them, is good to see a band that for a change fulfils all their promise.