The Noughties: Honorary Mentions-Veterans

THE DIVINE COMEDY-The Perfect Love Song

The noughties have failed to produce rock stars capable of pulling big audiences. By making music more available, the internet and P2P software have also turned upside down the way songs are mass-marketed. Now everyone has virtually the all-time catalogue of videos and recordings at the reach of his fingers, which made radio formulas, video playlists and other promotional ways felt somehow anachronical and the industry’s chosen ones to have fewer chances at conquering the public. This failing to replace the old icons, next to a healthy live scene, has made most veteran artist to happily remain in their privileged place; even many of the long time retired ones came back to recreate old classics live, thanks to an enormous demand, without the need to record new work. The surprise comebacks of Kate Bush or Vashti Bunyan were among those who successfully brought new songs. Some Rober Awards favorites gave worrying signs of progressive creative decay (R.E.M; Morrissey; Madonna); some others remained as vital and unshakeable as always (Tom Waits; Nick Cave). But the historic highlight was the final release of “Smile”, the greatest lost pop album of all time, which also recovered a fantastic Brian Wilson for the live arenas.

10-SCRITTI POLITTI-The Boom Boom Bap

9-THE BUFF MEDWAYS-Troubled Mind

8-R.E.M.-Imitation Of Life


6-MORRISSEY-First Of The Gang To Die

5-MADONNA-Don’t Tell Me

4-KATE BUSH-Mrs. Bartolozzi

3-TOM WAITS-Day After Tomorrow

2-NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS-Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

1-BRIAN WILSON-Heroes And Villains

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