The Noughties: Honorary Mentions-Spain

10-LAS KETCHUP-Kusha Las Payas

From a distance, the state of popular music in Spain was no less than frightening; with its mainstream pop constantly recalling the glory days of the 80’s movida and the advances of the small independence scene almost neutralized by the numbing herds of pop idol type reality shows – so popular that on several years every single contestant released a record, piling on the show’s own several compilations. Altogether they managed to wipe off the charts any other, more decent propositions. However, not everything was lost, for the first time a few national artists gained international recognition. First Las Ketchup following “Macarena” one hit wonder path. Later, from his small Discoteca Oceano, El Guincho seduced the US intelligentsia; became a fixture of the blogosphere and helped turned many trend-setters’ eyes towards other Spanish artists. Recently Delorean ran a similar fate. In other order of things, Los Planetas confirmed themselves unbeatable as best band, whereas Nacho Vega transformed himself from his alternative Manta Ray days into the most accomplished singer songwriter of the decade. Here are 10 of the best Spanish offers of the last ten years

9-LA CASA AZUL-La Revolución Sexual

8-RAKEL WINCHESTER-El Mario De La Cannisera

7-TRIANGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO-El Fantasma De La Transición

6-DELOREAN-Seasun (Ayrton Senna EP)


4-SR. CHINARRO-Del Montón

3-EL GUINCHO-Palmitos Park


1-LOS PLANETAS-Pesadilla En El Parque De Atracciones

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