The Noughties: Honorary Mentions-Hard Sounds

With noble exceptions such as Les Savy Fav and Queens Of The Stone Age, the heirs of grunge rock had become shamelessly corporative and lacked of new ideas, so true rockers had to venture all around the guitar spectrum to push the boundaries of noise and drone. From the return of garage rock to the farther reaches of DIY fuzz and distortion, the hardest sounds enjoyed a much-welcomed comeback and provided us with some of the most sonically challenging moments of this era. Bands like Mastodon and Isis shook the cobwebs off metal and even punk, which for years had been nearly destroyed by teen posers, gave some shy evidence of a return to health.

10-JAY REATARD-Always Wanting More (see video above)

9-DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979-Romantic Rights


7-THE HIVES-Hate To Say I Told You So


5-MASTODON-Colony Of Birchmen

4-LES FAVY SAV-The Sweat Descends

3-LIARS-Plaster Cast Of Everything

2-LIGHTNING BOLT-2 Morro Morro Land

1-QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

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