The Noughties: Honorary Mentions-Dance Floor

The Dance floors suffered a hangover from their glory days of groundbreaking house and electronica and began looking backwards instead. Daft Punk were kings and a French court of pretenders to their throne benefited from it. DFA revisited disco, cleverly mixing it with other –formerly antagonistic- genres. The mash-up mania was the boom of the first half, propelling the rise of DJs like Soulwax and Freelance Hellraiser to the upper echelons of the industry. Finally, minimal house (Villalobos) and dubstep were among the few beacons of creativity and forward-thinking on this field.

Everyone else was diving in the electro-infused techno pop of the eighties, which has finally reached saturation point. More recently the retro streak jumped to the next decade, looking at trashy nineties eurodance instead. Ten memorable floor fillers after the jump:

10-POUR HOMME-Born This Way (see video above)

9-GUI BORATTO-Beautiful Life

8-LE TIGRE-Deceptacon (DFA Remix) -home video-



5-GIRLS ON TOP-I Wanna Dance With Numbers

4-CHROMEO-Bonafied Lovin’

3-VITALIC-La Rock Pt. 1

2-BASEMENT JAXX-Where’s Your Head At

1-JUSTICE VS. SIMIAN-We Are Your Friends

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