2009 MUSIC A-Z: D for Dr. Dre

DR. DRE FEAT. T.I. & NAS-Topless

The D of 2008 already belongs to hip-hop thanks to one of the most awaited comebacks of the decade. In fact is over ten years now since Dr. Dre released his last studio album. This long hiatus by one of the most influential figures of the genre has only served to fuel all sorts of speculations. Delayed again from its 2008 planned Christmas release, it is already being joked at as rap’s very own “Chinese Democracy”. You tube and the interned are currently plagued with videos and clips of songs allegedly included in the album, none of them particularly remarkable, but so far there’s no official confirmation of its tracklist. “Detox” will certainly be one of the most scrutinized albums of the year, and the arrival of Dre’s protégée Eminem new studio album benefiting from some of his Midas production touches, will help boosting the expectations.

THE DECEMBERISTS-The Rake’s Song (Unofficial Video)

Americans The Decemberists are one step short of fully breaking their folk-rock tales into the mainstream. They may get there with new album “The Hazards of Love.” The band is offering a free download of first single “The Rake’s song” through their myspace page. Other US experimental arty darlings, Dirty Projectors, are putting the finishing touches into their fifth album, “Bitte Orca”, that’ll be released through Domino in the summer.

And has far as reissues go, one of the most illustrious archeological efforts of the year will be Drag City’s release for the first time of the 1975 album by punk black pioneers Death. The band formed by the Hackney Brothers, three musicians from Detroit that added raw rock influences to their funk and soul backgrounds, creating a sound that has been described as the germ for bands like Bad Brains. Due to all sort of distribution problems “For the whole world to see” never saw the light of day, until now.


Another awaited return will be Depeche Mode’s “Sounds of the Universe”, followed by a huge promotional tour. Even if the techno-pop pioneers haven’t been exactly challenging for quite a while, there are promising sings of improvement, if we have to judge by brand new single, “Wrong”.

DOVES-Kingdom Of Rust

More English Bands, from Cheshire Doves got prepared “Kingdom Of Rust”, their fourth opus. You can download for free their Blade Runner inspired track “Jetstream” as a taster. The band who paved the way for the success of Coldplay, Keane or Elbow, will try to claim the place that rightly belongs to them in today’s music panorama.

Among the year’s more promising solo efforts, Dan Deacon will deliver more playful electronica at the end of March with “Bromst”. The peculiar musician is also giving away the first single “Get Older” on mp3 in his web.

Another vocalist in the orbit of golden producer Mark Ronson, Daniel Merriweather, a year after granting his voice to Ronson’s cover of The Smith’s “Stop Me,” will see his proper debut album “Love & War” released. He is also following the trend and giving away a free taste called “Chainsaw”. His first single “Change” has been a minor hit and the ambitious Mr. Ronson seems like is adding another triumph to his pantheon of modern British pop, next to Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen.


Coming from Manchester, Delphic is a four piece act trying to evoke the spirit of infamous local club Hacienda and its groundbreaking rave indie vibes. But in the fresh talent department the D of 2008 will probably go to Dum Dum Girls, another garage chick trio with fuzzy guitars, following the steps of the Vivian Girls from the opposite coast of the States. New single “Catholicked” promises big things from this Californian threesome. It could also go to the modern experiments in psychedelia of New Jersey combo Ducktails, whom are likely to be thrown in the same acclaimed bag of Animal Collective when their debut arrives.

Diplo + Dark Meat | 40 Watt & Whirlyball from jason miller on Vimeo.

Celebrated DJ Diplo won’t give signs of stopping his blending of global vibes any time soon; after the release of his remixes collection “Decent Work For Decent Pay”. He’s also launched a pay as much as you like mixtape with Benzi “Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas.” But the project that looks likely to get all the headlines is the dancehall album with Major Lazer, to be released in August; some tracks can already be heard in Myspace.

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