Best Of 2009: Top 100 Songs (#100-91)

101-PORTISHEAD-Chase The Tear (Amnesty International)

The main reason to be optimistic in 2009 has been the return of the song. After a long period in which not many good ones were released, often sacrificed in favor of catchy gimmicks, experimental sounds or arty concepts; this year songsmiths have been working overtime, generating a considerable amount of memorable tunes. An outcome that was to be expected after the digital world has made clear individual tracks will prevail over full albums.

A new generation of bands from Brooklyn and Scandinavia kept on revisiting old genres –garage rock; psychedelia; DIY electronica; Balearic house; shoegaze- expanding the basics for a distinctive sound that often combines elements of many of them to rather original effect. The wealth of new names among our Top 100 songs makes us raise our expectations about what popular music may be offering over the next decade. Meanwhile, Dubstep confirmed itself as the main engine for leftfield electronica and dance music was showing other flashing signs of recovery; with new subgenres coming from all parts of the globe –electro cumbia; Arabic techno; Latin minimal- to help it getting its long time gone health back.

100-SUNSET RUBDOWN-Idiot Heart (Jagjaguwar)

99-LOS PLANETAS-Romance De Juan De Osuna (Cuatro Palos EP) (BMG)
98-[INGENTING]–Halleluja! (Labrador)


96-THE THERMALS-Now We Can See (Kill Rock Stars)

95-CASSIE FEAT. LIL WAYNE -Official Girl (CFCF Remix)
(Listen to CFCF’s remix here)

94-CASS MCCOMBS-You Saved My Life (Domino)
93-EMPIRE OF THE SUN-We Are The People (Virgin)

92-FUTURE OF THE LEFT-Arming Eritrea (4AD)

91-REAL ESTATE-Beach Comber (Woodsist)

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