Best Of 2009: Honorary Mentions-Experimental

10-DM STITH-Heavy Ghost (Ashmatic Kitty)

Now it’s the turn to remember those adventurous spirits who refused to accept the established rules and tried to break the conformist barriers in today’s mass produced pop music. Drone alchemists such as Sunn O))); experimental minds (Oneida; Dan Deacon); Akron/Family’s freak folk; Bon Iver and friends enrolling in an exercise of haunting choral psychedelia; renegades from the pop machine like Patrick Wolf; Hollywood stars –Ryan Gosling– surrounded by a childrens’ choir in a conceptual record about ghost stories and Phil Elverum’s latest reincarnation under his Mount Eeerie pseudonym, exploring the realms of black metal and noise, applying them to his lyrical poem about the wind. All of them made our selection.

9-PATRICK WOLF-The Bachelor (Bloody Chamber Music)

8-ONEIDA-Rated O (Jagjaguwar)

7-VOLCANO CHOIR-Unmap (Jagjaguwar)

6-DEAD MAN’S BONES-Dead Man’s Bones (Anti)


4-AKRON/FAMILY-Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free (Dead Oceans)

3-DAN DEACON-Bromst (Car park)

2-SUNN O)))-Monoliths & Dimensions (Southern Lord)

1-MOUNT EERIE-Wind’s Poem (PW Elverum & Sun)

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