23-NEON INDIAN-Psychic Chasms

neon indian
Chillgaze? Glo Fi? Blogs were a bit short of good ideas when it came to brand Neon Indian’s sound. This combo from Austin, Texas came up with one of the most original trends of the last twelve months – with Washed Out, Memory Tapes and a few others also being thrown in the same bag. Named after an Ozric Tentacles song, “Psychic Chasms” unveiled its upbeat, trippy origins right from its title. It was recorded with the kind of lo-fi quality that recent rising stars as Ariel Pink have used through their output. It took elements from funk and electro-pop, while sampling Todd Rundgren; Doobie Brothers and other 70’s rock greats to create loops for the rhythm backbone of underground hits “Deadbeat Summer” and “Terminally Chill”. That unique vibe has also turned the band into remixers for the likes of Grizzly Bear or Au Revoir Simone.

Released on Lefse. Available to listen in Spotify.

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