2010 Albums: Honorary Mentions-Hard Sounds

10-KYLESA –Spiral Shadow (Season Of Mist)

The first of our honorable mentions is dedicated to the hardest sounds. Unlike its predecessor, 2010 hasn’t been particularly kind to hard guitar sounds. One year ago metal looked ready for a new offensive into the mainstream that somehow has been contained, with Kylesa being the only act able to get out of the metal circles and only a few recent favorites (Torche; High On Fire) releasing new work. Elsewhere, the revival of garage rock began its international expansion from Brooklyn (Royal Baths; The Oh Sees) to other parts of the globe such as Australia, where Eddie Current Suppression Ring joined the ranks of the genre’s most acclaimed renovators. Classic Hardcore (Ceremony; Off!) and grunge made a comeback; the latter influencing a new generation of up and coming bands (Yuck) and enjoying a growing interest for its nineties pioneers – some of them returned after long absences (Superchunk).

Torche – “U.F.O.” from Andrew James Cox on Vimeo.

9-TORCHE-Songs For Singles (Hydra Head)

8-HIGH ON FIRE-Snakes For The Divine (Century Media)

Thee Oh Sees- I Was Denied, 10.14.09 from rob downs on Vimeo.

7-THEE OH SEES-Warm Slime (In The Red)

Superchunk – Digging For Something from Merge Records on Vimeo.

6-SUPERCHUNK-Majesty Shredding (Merge)

Ceremony – Sick from alvin carrillo on Vimeo.

5-CEREMONY-Rohner Park (Bridge Nine)

4-ROYAL BATHS-Litanies (Woodsist)

3-LES SAVY FAV-Room For Ruin (Wichita)

2-OFF!-First Four EPS (Vice)


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