2010 Albums: Honorary Mentions-Electronica

10-THE BOOKS-The Way Out (Temporary Residence)

The electronica genre finally shook off the cobwebs and experienced a double boost. The artists and labels keeping the genre alive for the past years (DFA; Kompakt; K7!; etc) were joined by a new wave of interest for pioneers from the nineties, boasting top notch comebacks by the likes of Four Tet or Autechre; and also by the chillwave trend, which few months ago was still dismissed by many as a joke for hipsters, but it has produced some of the most enjoyable records of the year (Toro Y Moi; Baths; etc). In Britain dubstep evolved and hung out with the maintream or the most adventurous minimal thanks to Mount Kimbie; Ikonica and some other representatives. But the star of the year was Canadian Daniel Lopatin, who brough innovation and versatility to several projects ranging from the experimental (Oneohtrix Point Never) to the dance oriented (Games).

9-SHIT ROBOT-From The Cradle To The Rave (DFA)

8-MARK MCGUIRE-Living With Yourself (Editions Mego)

HEALTH :: USA BOYS :: MUSIC VIDEO from Lovepump United on Vimeo.

7-HEALTH-Disco 2 (Lovepump United)

6-ONRA-Long Distance (All City)

5-MOUNT KIMBIE-Crooks & Lovers (Hot Flush)

4-LUKE ABBOTT-Holkham Drones (Border Community)

3-TORO Y MOI-Causers Of This (Carpark)

2-BATHS-Cerulean (Anticon)

1-GAMES-That We Play (Hippos In Tanks)

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