#FilmNominations2014 : Blockbuster Of The Year


Tinseltown didn’t have the most successful summer ever, albeit without many spectacular flops, fewer tickets sold in cinemas and many disappointments in big titles’ numbers shaped 2014 as its least profitable year since 2006. However, the International market and, particularly China with an apparently endless appetite for Hollywood big budget offer, came to the rescue.

Sequels, reboots and rehashes kept reigning on the multiplexes, not even the bad reviews could put people off such vile propositions as the new Transformers or the universally appalled but still quite successful Ninja Turtles reboot. And it seems their kingdom is going to be extended during 2015 with the planned return of virtually everything you can think of that has been a hit in the past. It doesn’t help that the few films made from original ideas didn’t ignite the box office as expected. Among them the surprisingly good Tom Cruise’s Groundhog Day meets Alien Invasion ‘Edge Of Tomorrow”, which didn’t live up to the commercial expectations.

As blockbusters seem unstoppably expanding their domination, we’ve added a new category in our awards to celebrate those of them which deliver the goods and defeat the drop in quality standards and creative ideas Hollywood keeps on bringing. Among them, big genre “auteur” Christopher Nolan with his flawed but magnificently spectacular Interstellar, originally written with Spielberg in mind. Box office king ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ separating itself thanks to a singular touch of humor and peculiar characters, from the increasingly indistinguishable Marvel Universe adaptations. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” was bigger in action and smaller in high concept than its predecessor, but still a jaw-dropping and thrilling achievement. Darren Aronofsky’s controversial take in the reborn sub-genre of Biblical adaptations, “Noah’, treating the story with the same mythological and visual flair as fantasy movies do, it was widely condemned in many countries of different creeds. And last but not least, the new golden pair of Hollywood directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, gave us both the most accomplished animation movie of the Year with The Lego Movie, unfairly snubbed for the Oscars, and also the most successful comedy, 22 Jump Street, which managed the rare treat of being fairly superior to its (already good) prequel.

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22 JUMP STREET (Phil Lord & Christopher Miller)



INTERSTELLAR (Christopher Nolan)

NOAH (Darren Aronofsky

THE LEGO MOVIE (Phil Lord & Christoher Miller)

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