#FilmNominations2014 : Best Genre Film


The next category of our awards is dedicated to reward the best thrillers, sci-fi, adventures, crime films and other genres traditionally ignored by more established accolades.

In 2014 Anton Corbijn gave Philip Seymour-Hoffman his swansong role on a great adaptation of Le Carre’s ‘A Most Wanted Man’; ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ proved another successful installment, both creatively and financially, in the latest reboot of the franchise; Alex De La Iglesia produced ‘Musarañas (Shrew’s Nest)’, an accomplished historical and psychological horror and the promising debut of Madrid helmers Esteban Roel y Juan Fernando Andrés; Dan Stevens left Downtown Abbey all the way to the gates of Hollywood with an excellent turn as a psychopath in ‘The Guest’; The Martial Arts genre got another adrenalin-filled injection with ‘The Raid 2’, hailed as an even better film than the original, and David Michod took Robert Pattinson to a post-Apocalyptic nightmare in ‘The Rover’, all of them worthy of mention, but left without a nomination.

The ones which did get nominated are David Fincher’s slick, edge-of-the seat adaptation of the popular pageturner ‘Gone Girl’; Christopher Nolan’s spectacular space travel epic ‘Interstellar’; Dan Gilroy assured debut ‘Nightcrawler’; Korean master’s Bong Joon-Ho take on the social metaphors of ‘Snowpiercer’, another post-apocalyptic scenario where a few survivors of mankind annihilation live on a train constantly running; Aussie psychological horror ‘The Babadook’, in which the consequences of a family’s tragedy materializes through a kid’s thoughts about an evil creature and ‘Under The Skin’, an jaw-dropping sci-fi story starring Scarlett Johansson as an alien feeding off solitary Glaswegians.

Check all the nominees’ trailes below and vote for your favourites here

GONE GIRL (David Fincher)

INTERSTELLAR (Christopher Nolan)



THE BABADOOK (Jennifer Kent)

UNDER THE SKIN (Jonathan Glazer)

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