#FilmNominations2014 : Best Cinematography


Another heavily disputed category, this year many deserving cinematographers were left behind due to the excellent overall visual quality on offer. Among them the ever reliable Roger Deakins and his work in Angelina Jolie ‘Unbroken’; Philippe Le Sourd’s exhuberant Oscar nominated camera work for Wong Kar-Wai’s martial arts saga ‘The Grandmaster’; Bradford Young (Selma) who did get shortlisted for another of his works; Darius Khondi’s exquisite sepia-toned portrait of New York circa 1920 in ‘The Immigrant’; Hoyte Van Hoytema’s diverse work in ‘Intersellar’, depicting a post-Apocalyptic earth as well as mind-blowing space journey; Rodrigo Prieto’s beautiful Western imagery for Tommy Lee Jones’’The Homesman’ or Daniel Landin’s disturbingly alien visuals of ‘Under The Skin’.

The ones who make the shortlist are Bradford Young for another New York portrayal, set in the early 80’s, adding an ochre layer to show the run down areas of a decaying city in ‘A Most Violent Year’; Emmanuel Lubezki’s extraordinary work in ‘Birdman’, almost done in one take, capturing the vibrant madness of a theatrical production 48 hours until its big opening; Ryszard Lenczewski & Lukasz Zal’s elegantly understated black and white photography of “Ida”; Robert Elswit’s trippy, colourful recreation of a sleazy post-hippy 70’s California in ‘Inherent Vice’; Mikhail Krichman’s amazing landscapes and public buildings contrasting with humble interiors in the Russian epic ‘Leviathan’; Dick Pope’s extraordinary study on the light and locations where J.M.W Turner created his masterpieces in ‘Mr. Turner’ and Robert Yeoman’s endlessly surprising and visually stimulating work in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

Check the trailers for all nominated films below and vote for your favourites here

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR (Bradford Young)

BIRDMAN (Emmanuel Lubezki)

IDA (Ryszard Lenczewski & Lukasz Zal)

INHERENT VICE (Robert Elswit)

LEVIATHAN (Mikhail Krichman )

MR. TURNER (Dick Pope)


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