#FilmNominations2014 : Best Adapted Screenplay


The balance between the best original and adapted screenplays last year was heavily inclined towards new stories, of which we were spoilt for choice. There haven’t been as many notable adaptations to the big screen, albeit there were enough as to prevent two high profile literary ones to make our final list of nominees: Nuri Ceylan Bilge’s “Winter Sleep’ freely inspired by “The Wife”, a short story by Anton Chekhov and Lav Díaz’s extraordinary complex ‘Norte, The End Of Story’ which took Dostoyevsky’s “Crime And Punishment’ as inspiration to reflect the current social, political and historical situation of the Philippines.

The adapted screenplays that made our list are ‘Frank’ by Jon Ronson & Peter Straughan, inspired by the late British rock star Frank Sidebottom and based in Ronson’s novel ‘Oh Blimey!” a fictional account of his experience as one of Sidebottom’s band members; Gillian Flynn adapted her own best seller in David Fincher’s enjoyably twisty thriller “Gone Girl”; Paul Thomas Anderson successfully achieved what had been often deemed impossible with his meticulously faithful taking of one of Thomas Pynchon’s books to the big screen, choosing the druggy PI story of ‘Inherent Vice’, set in the 70’s and depicting the end of America’s hippy dream; Kelly Masterson & Bong Joon-Ho’s post-apocalyptic, future dystopian vision of “Snowpiercer”; Walter Campbell & Jonathan Glazer mind blowing take on Michel Faber’s story of an alien invader on the loose in Glasgow ‘Under The Skin’ and Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’, adapting his own short story which combined the slick elegance of jazz with an vertiginous pace in the grippingly tight tale of a teacher’s dubious methods and a pupil’s blind ambition crashing with their common quest for greatness.

You can watch all the nominees’ trailers below and vote for your favourites here

FRANK (Jon Ronson & Peter Straughan)

GONE GIRL (Gillian Flynn)

INHERENT VICE (Paul Thomas Anderson)

SNOWPIERCER (Kelly Masterson & Bong Joon-ho)

UNDER THE SKIN (Walter Campbell & Jonathan Glazer)

WHIPLASH (Damien Chazelle)

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