Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival 2016: Our Top 5 Picks


Balearic cinephiles alert. Evolution!, the Mallorca International Film Festival begins tomorrow. During the following ten days locals and visitors will have an unique chance to discover the best films by up and coming directors from all over the world.

With over 2500 film professionals from over 20 countries attending. In conjunction with its sister-screening event in Los Angeles; ‘See The Winners’, the EMIFF is one of the most rapidly expanding Mediterranean festivals. Already on its fifth edition, the festival is quickly establishing itself as an important cultural event for industry and general public alike, thanks to its privileged location in the city of Palma and a wide selection of short films, music videos, animated and experimental work, plus an official competition in both narrative and documentary features.

From a programme packed with interesting choices, here’s our five recommendations. Enjoy!

EL DESTIERRO “The Exile”, Director: Arturo Ruiz Serrano

The festival’s opening gala is A taut psychological drama, The promising first feature by Spanish director Arturo Ruiz Serrano, whose former short films have been piling up awards across the globe.

During the Spanish Civil War two soldiers are sent to a remote outpost in the mountains, where tough weather conditions and the claustrophobia of living in a bunker begin to take their toll. One day, they find a badly hurt Polish woman, wearing a militia uniform and decide for completely different reasons not to report the discovery to their superiors, nursing her back to health instead. A thought-provoking story about the nature of human bonds, the film boasts a superb cinematography that captures both the beauty of the harsh, winter mountain landscape and the cosy claustrophobia of the bunker’s interior.


WILD, Director: Nicolette Krebizt

With one of this year’s main focus being the new German cinema, another first feature looks set to become one of the official competition sensations. Young actress Krebitz debuts as a director showcasing a peculiar and uncompromising personal vision with this tale of young woman unleashing her savage instincts and rebelling about our numbing society after increasingly erotic encounters with a wolf.

Wild offers a strong portrayal of a female completely in charge of her life and sexuality, rejecting the conventions of the world surrounding her. Not for prudes, its rather explicit nature is likely to spark many a debate.



Fascinating documentary portraying the evolution of New York’s SoHo, the neighbourhood where avant-garde artists from all over the globe helped shaping the art world as we know it, from the late 60s to our days, seen through the experiences of a group of artist from Barcelona.

Exceptional footage provided by experimental filmmakers such as Jonas Mekas showing Andy Warhol parties; Nam June Paik and Laurie Anderson’s early performances; John & Yoko; Basquiat, etc. complement a series of interviews with the Collective’s members whose contribution to the city’s artistic legacy culminated in the celebrations of a symbolic marriage between the Statue of Liberty and Barcelona’s Christopher Columbus monument.


THE WAR OF THE ROSES, Director: Danny DeVito & Thomas Lofaro

The EMIFF will be hosting a tribute to Danny DeVito, presenting him with the first Evolution Honorary Award. The comedian will be the subject of the Centerpiece Gala with the screening of his 1989 classic ‘The War Of The Roses.’

One of the finest and blackest comedies of the decade, Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas excel as the divorcing couple embarking on a bloody legal battle to keep their mansion. DeVito is also on top of his game in the role of a divorce specialist lawyer. The popular actor will be in conversation with the audience after the screening.

OASIS Wonderwall video 1995

OASIS: SUPERSONIC, Director: Mat Whitecross

An in-depth look at the life and music of Manchester-based rock band Oasis, who conquered the 90s and became arguably the last great pop-rock phenomenon the UK has generated. Led by the belligerent Gallagher brothers, their sibling rivalry was a powerful creative engine that shaped up the Britpop era. Already one of the most popular documentaries of the year in the British isles, it is likely to be equally well received by the festival’s audience.

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