“Be Kind Rewind”: Sweding with Michel Gondry

Be Kind Rewind Trailer

Michel Gondry is a man of original ideas and exhuberant imagination. That’s the common element that links the whole of his work, first as an advertising and music video director. Among its videography we can find some of the best visual moments of Daft Punk; Bjork; Massive Attack; The White Stripes or The Chemical Brothers.

Ghostbusters Sweded

As a screenplay writer and film director, he began collaborating with Charlie Kauffman, with whom The French share a similar sense of surreal and dreamy storytelling, both in “Human Nature” and his groundbreaking sophomore feature “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”.

But Gondry is about to release what looks set to become his most popular film to date, “Be Kind Rewind”. An hilarious comedy based in another simple and effective idea: Placed in a building shaped by the legend of Fats Waller living there, a grotty videoclub lose all its tapes, accidentally erased by a magnetized Jack Black. To keep the business from bankrupcy the ex hip-hop star turned actor Mos Def, left in charge of the shop while the owner is away, decides to shoot with Black their own versions of the erased movies and rent those tapes instead: among them “Ghostbusters”; “Rush Hour 2”; etc.

How To Swede: Boyz In The Hood.

Surprisingly, the new movies quickly gain a growing number of fans, that keep on coming for more “Sweded” films (that’s the name they give to the parodies) and are willing to even pay money to be part of the shooting of the ones they want to rent. Until circumstances makes them come all together to shoot their own movie, telling their fictional accounts about Fats Waller in the city.

Robocop Sweded

Hilarious and moving in equal parts. This is both a love letter to the movies and Jack Black’s histrionic festival of reworkings; balanced somehow by the wit, machineries and imagination of Gondry and a more conventional storyline led by the characters of veteran actors like Danny Glover and Mia Farrow. Even Sigourney Weaver has a minor, yet very timely role as a representative of a copyrights society who come to destroy the sweded movies.

The film succeeds by connecting with a new generation, who has grown the habit to create their own home movies and post them in community sites like youtube, where “Be Kind rewind” is advertised in an equally creative way. And by promoting that DIY, creative approach to do your own thing and “sweding” your favorite movies.

Don’t miss it.

Be Kind Rewind Sweded Trailer.