2007 Film Review

spanish-flag.jpgREPASO AL CINE DEL 2007 (En Español)

2007 won’t be remembered for film quality. Maybe because, at least in Europe, most of the award-hopeful movies were released before 2006 ended, whereas this years’ haven’t been launched yet.

Many of the year’s most ambitious projects suffered from notable flaws, particularly in the lenght department. The rise of arthouse movies from around the world gave signs of fatigue, led by a considerable saturation of Western audiences after the recent oriental film invasion.

However, Hollywood showed good health at the cash box office with a record number of films earning over $100 million dollars. On the other side of things two masterpieces released in the first week of 2008, but whose presence had been amply felt throughout last year’s festival circuit, arrived in time to elevate the average level of the feature films exhibited and heralding a wave of excellent movies for the beginning of 2008.

The following link will take you to our list of 60 favorite movies of the year; the ones left bubbling under; the deceptions and those unexpected treats and, erm, the worst among the ones we have seen.

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