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Sinphonola Easter Special: IV-Something Blue


We may be stretching our sinphonola special a bit too much, in order to make it fit in the meaning of the tradition, now it’s the turn of “Something blue”. As the obvious would be reviewing blues-induced music and there are not that many things that catch our attention coming from that genre at the moment, will have instead an overlook to the dark, the drone and the melancholic. Starting by Portishead “Third”album. Dark and melancholic, with a touch of krautrock, is already being hailed as a masterpiece. New single “Machine gun” and other tracks like “The Rip” can be found online. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sinphonola Easter Special: III-Something borrowed

GNARLS BARKLEY-Run (Watch Out: Not apt for epileptics!!)

To carry on our traditional wedding tick list theme, the third installment of our sinphonola is about “Something borrowed”; artists that depend partially or heavily on something external. It can be a sound; a tribute; an unusually strong influence; a cover; collaboration; a superproducer, etc.

Gnarls Barkley, the lunatic duo formed by Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse, who has just released their second album, aptly titled “The Odd Couple” borrow Justin Timberlake for a cameo in their new and spectacular video for first single “Run”. Unfortunately their use of stroboscopic lights (or something like that) to form op-art patterns made it dangerous to watch for people suffering from epilepsy, therefore many music channels in the world have refused to play it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sinphonola Easter Special: II-Something Old…

BABY DEE-Small Wonder (Live @Teatro Calderón, Madrid)

The second instalment of our Sinphonola Easter Special focuses in the old and the veteran; some familiar names and faces that return and things we had already seen or heard but somehow they got a second chance for exposure. And we begin with Baby Dee, the transgender multi-instrument player, already in her fifties, whose old fashion cabaret songs have captured the attention of the most renowned gay (and straight) artists around. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Antony Hegarty, Marc Almond and a long etc, collaborate in Dee’s last album “Safe Inside The Day”, one of the most nicely crafted records of the year so far. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sinphonola Easter Special: I- Something New..


Our symphonola is going on a well-deserved Easter break. But to keep you entertained during the ocious holiday time we are putting together a special edition looking at all those records that are already making an impact in 2008, or the ones about to. Starting with the fresh talent, new names hoping to turn into household ones. Like Dengue Fever, the Cambodian residents of LA, who sound like a cross between a New wave act and an Oriental wedding combo. Their second album “Venus on Earth” was released a few weeks ago and is worth checking. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Gran Ganga” The Cheapskate: Free Radiohead and Alela Diane gigs; Sigur Rós film; SXSW Torrent; etc.

ALELA DIANE-The Pirate’s Gospel

Our “Gran Ganga” comes back loaded with all sort of exciting freebies for all of us cheapskates. This month: a whole cartoon series; a feature film, a new found lost track from one of popular music’s most influential bands ever and the usual array of listening parties, mixtapes and free online and real live shows.

+Beginning with Alt-folk vocalist Alela Diane, who is in London playing tonight at Bush Hall the gorgeous compositions included in her debut collection “The Pirate’s Gospel”. She will be also performing a free live set next Friday’s during lunchtime at Rough Trade East shop, probably to thank them for choosing her album as the best of 2007. Next to favorites like “The rifle”, we hope to hear some new songs from her forthcoming second opus, expected later this year. Some of them are already circulating online. Read the rest of this entry »

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La Cotorra Criolla: El imparable triunfo internacional de El Guincho.

Kieeser Chips Sucks!! El Guincho Rules!! Video Promocional

Desde que las navidades pasadas, las listas del lo mejor del año del rockdelux nos lo descubrieran, El Guincho no ha parado de seducir a propios y extraños con su disco “Alegranza” (Que puede ser escuchado una mitad en la página myspace del artista y la otra en la página de su sello). Ese primer impulso al ser destacado como segundo mejor disco nacional le ha valido a Pablo Díaz-Reixa para rápidamente hacer crecer una reputación que sale ya de nuestras fronteras y va de camino a convertirle en el artista español independiente de mayor éxito internacional de la historia. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gig Pics: Yeasayer@ICA

Yeasayer played at the ICA, saluted by their frontman, Chris Keating, as a legendary place where many important band had started their careers. Backed by multiracial TV on the radio protégées Dragons of Zynth . They appear as a solid group of musicians, clarifying the influences behind their debut “All Hour Cymbals” sonic melting pot: pop-psychedelia; Croshby Stills & Nash vocal harmonies; some global rhythms -they ended their set with an orgiastic take on “Sunrise” for which the whole of Dragons of Zynth joined them onstage-; etc.

A good gig, partially shadowed by the tendency towards frightening rock-star manierisms displayed by Keating, whose vocal excesses somehow ruined the rendition of their fantastic single “2080”. Highlights of the night were the already mentioned “Sunrise” and new single “Wait for the summer” (See new video for its new remixed single edit above)

Pics of the event after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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La Cotorra Criolla: El Bolero de las Breeders.

La Cotorra Criolla vuelve con nuevas primicias. La primera, el retorno de The Breeders “Mountain Battles”, que no se publica hasta abril pero ya se perfila como uno de los discos de regreso mas importantes del 2008. Sin que falten los momentos energéticos el album tiene un tono reposado y una producción mas sobria; vuelven tras seis años de pausa desde su anterior larga duracción “Title TK”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Spiritualized gig pictures


On Sunday night, this year’s Itunes live sessions finished in glorious manner with an exceptional double bill: Spiritualized and Nick Cave and the bad seeds, playing at Lyndhurst Hall, part of George Martin’s AIR studios. Their mind-blowing live sets will become shortly available as exclusive itunes downloads Read the rest of this entry »

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MOVIE ROBER AWARDS 2007: And the Rober Goes To…(I)

4 Months, 3 Weeks & 4 Days (Trailer)

small-uk-flag.jpg Just a few nights after Hollywood’s biggest bash, the Movie Rober Awards ceremony took place. The Rober Academy of entertainment Arts & Sciences proudly presents the Rober Awards Film Winners alongside the results of your votes in our poll.

spanish-flag.jpgTan solo unas cuantas noches despues del gran acontecimiento en Hollywood, los Rober Awards de cine se dieron lugar un año más. La Academia Rober de las Artes Y Ciencias del entretenimiento se complace en anunciar los ganadores en los Premios Rober de Cine, junto con los resultados de nuestra encuesta.
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MOVIE ROBER AWARDS 2007: And the Rober Goes To…(II)


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