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Hal Hartley’s comeback.

A large number of Rober Academy members seem to be ecstatic with the news of a new Hal Hartley movie. It’s been a decade since Hartley, one of the Academy’s favourite directors, known by his peculiar laconic style and coldly executed moral reflections, released his latest acclaimed movie “Henry Fool”. Since then, his career went somehow erratic with only a few short and medium length films released –the most noteworthy of them was “The Book Of Life”(1988), notable for dealing with Religion and dogma, and for being the big screen debut of Rober Awards’ multiple winner PJ Harvey-; with the exception of “No such Thing”, shot in Iceland and “The Girl from Mondays”. None of them gained enough critical favour as to guarantee their international release.

Things may be about to change with the arrival of “Fay Grim”, named after Henry Fool wife’s character and intended as a sort of follow-up, played again by the criminally underrated Parker Posey. James Urbaniak, Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burroughs also appear. It deals with very different moral (and political) issues aiming to reflect the way the world has changed over this decade, turning Fay Grim into a spy, after certain revelations about Henry’s life came to light. It sounds like an author both visiting familiar territory and venturing into new ground at the same time. US reviews are excellent and we are all hoping this will be the return to form and to our screens we have been sorely waiting for too long.

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Band Of Horses’ first London Gig

It happened last night, at The Scala in King’s Cross. Band Of Horses, currently embarked on an European mini tour (ATP, The Scala and Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival among their dates) while taking a break from the recording of their sophomore album, finally played in London. Frontman Ben Bridwell, visibly nervous and excited, claimed this was a dream for him, while playing the band’s debut album nearly in its entirety, conquering an audience full of previously converted fans -the amount of beards among them was the living proof-. They also previewed four as yet untitled new tracks from “The Funeral”‘s follow-up. The epic and rocking element in their music prevailed over the softer and more melancholic alt-country tones. And, judging by those new songs, they seem to have embraced more blues and southern rock elements and..yeah, man..they Rocked!!

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Sinphonola: Summer preview

The estival season is nearly here and the usual offensive to conquer dancefloors, beach clubs, terrazas and chiringuitos is taking shape in every single A&R department worth its salt. Here’s a look at the first contenders for that oh-so-dreaded and desired in equal measure Summer song title:

The first on arriving was Rihanna’s ultra-catchy “Umbrella”. She already counts with some Rober award nominations for dance anthems of the year (“Pon the replay”; “S.O.S”), this time getting a little -rather unneccesary- help from her record label’s big honcho Jay-Z; the former dancehall diva crosses the few bridges left to reach total mainstream in her third work “Good girl gone bad”. It strangely remind us to the singing style of ex-Cranberries leader Dolores O’ Riordan, must be all that eee-ela-eee-eee the Irish star made once popular. Sorry for the gratuitous commercial on the vid..but hey..Artist don’t sell millions of records anymore, so they have to earn the money for their swanky lifestyle somewhere.

One of “Umbrella”‘s remixes introduces who’s probably the soon-to-be youngest female star in contemporary hip-hop, Lil Mama. Her debut “Lipgloss” could do for the cosmetic industry what Kelis did for dairy refreshments with “Milkshake”.

What would it be of the summer without girls? The lovely Amerie is about to shake off that one hit wonder curse she earned with the Rober award winner classic “1 thing”, while carry on nicking the best songs from Beyonce’s repertoire right in front of her face. Her new album beats the Destiny’s Child effort by a long distance. After the Tropicalia infused “Take control”.(see video).”Gotta Work” with its classic soul intro, should confirm her as a huge star.

Too much RnB? Don’t leave just yet…

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Dirty Three’s ATP: Video Report



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