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Björk begins her Volta


Springtime came and brought plenty of new sounds. Well known stars prepare their worldwide invasion and fresh starters display their energetic initial efforts in order to get your interest. Undoubtely the bomb of the month is Björk’s return to form with a little help of wizard Timbaland’s ever inventive production and the weird afro percussions of Konono No. 1. “Earth Invaders” shakes off the slight boredom she filled us with on “Vespertine”and “Medulla” and injects a lot of new energy and excitement. We can’t wait for her new album, “Volta” to be released. The Icelandic star, whom some Academy members nicknamed as “the Meryl Streep of electronic music” due to her perennial presence in the Rober awards year after year, since her beginnings with The Sugarcubes, starts 2007 as a favorite for the Female of the year trophy.

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The Last sensation storming the nation (Romania that is…)

After last year Moldovian phenomenon O-Zone’s “Dragostea Din Te”, the ocassion seem riped for more Eastern European Pop craze. This could be the next one, coming from the gypsy lands of Romania, Cleopatra Stratan is only four years old -these days they start exploiting wonder kids earlier and earlier- and already beating records in her native country.
Novelty and childxplotation values aside, “Ghita” is actually quite an excellent pop tune and could become the biggest paneuropean pre-scholar success since the French cherub Jordi topped the charts with his rapping “Dur Dur D’étre bebé”

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It has to start with this tongue in cheek number, “Thou shalt always kill”, in which a rabbi looking rapper goes through a sort of ten commandments for the 21st century urbanite, rhymed over a loop of arcade videogame sounds. ScroobiUs Pip versus London producer Dan Le Sac are the hippest thing around. Watch out for the lyrics. They’re priceless.

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